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I want to use the Zh GoogleMap Plugin set us as Show Map by Placemark.

It works great but I have the map I am referencing display Placemarks as External. I do not want to display any additional placemarks just the one specified by the plug in.

I keep getting the
<ul> tag with id='GMapsMarkerUL' for placemark list not found

How do I display a " Show Map by Placemark."with out that warning? I don't see where to disable showing a list of Placemarks

Thanks for this great Component.

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I think you have that:
- your map has external placemark position, and it works, displays all placemarks etc.
- now you try to show map by plugin for definite placemark from that map, and get the error.

Yes. It is a little problem. I show map and all its attributes based on placemark link to map. And in your care - map has placemark list.

1 - in future release I fix that, I will disable placemark list if call by placemark id
2 - today you can fix it by trick: call plugin not by placemark, call by placemark list, and pass to it your placemark, and set centering by placemark. And for that case create simple map without placemark list :)

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Thanks Dima,

Yes that is exactly the issue.

I will look forward to the fix.

I am going to use another similar work around. I've created a map without the placemark list, just the pins on the map and then in the balloons for the placemarks I created links to separate subpages featuring each placemark location, which is something I am doing anyway.

Thanks for an amazing component, wish I had the brain power to use it at its fullest, it really is amazing.

All the best,


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