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1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #14400 by Markantonio
Dynamically hiding placemarks was created by Markantonio
Hi, I'm new to the forum.
I'm developing a website for showing the locations of some items on the map using Zh GoogleMap.
I'd like to allow the visitor to dynamically filter the placemarks depending on a few of criteria.
When I say a few, I mean at least two, or more, because it'd be easy to filter them by a single criteria by using groups, but that'd not be enough for my needs.
After analyzing the JS object the component created, zhgmObjMgr (I had already been using zhgmObjMgr.bN[] for adding event listeners to StreetView), I found that I can hide a placemark from the map by either calling

(with ID being its numeric ID)
I can even hide them all by using either
zhgmObjMgr.bN.forEach((Obj, Id) => { Obj.setVisible(false);});
zhgmObjMgr.bL[0].forEach((Obj, Id) => { Obj.setVisible(false);});

The problem is that they get hidden as single elements, from both map and StreetWiew, but the clusters on the former still count them: even hiding every single placemark, nothing changes with the clusters.
What am I missing?
How can I hide them from the clusters as well?

Thank you
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1 year 6 months ago #14402 by Dima
Replied by Dima on topic Dynamically hiding placemarks

If you want to use my extension and your code - to hide placemark from cluster you need to remove it from cluster. To show - add into it.
Ie in this case main code is like
Cluster created, Cluster added to map, Placemarks added to cluster

Don't forget support my developments: post review in JED , donate , help with translation ;)

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