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Hi i have a Yoga School with few locations in town
i would like that every popup from the location marker could show a timetable
this timetable is made with a module and usually i use the joomla plugin that loads the module with a tag like this:
{module 221}

but in the popup window it does not render properly, only the tag appears.....

what can i do?

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To load your timetable you can try to use iframe tag in infowin HTML field and call your page with timetable.
For example, create an article with it. And call article url in iframe. Or publish your module with timetable in some page, and call it by iframe.

The other way - you can create link in infowin to go to an article with your time table

The third way - set for placemark site URL = your article with timetable, and set Action by Click = Open URL. In this case the user click on placemark - open an article in new tab with your timetable

But today dynamic loading content you can get only by your iframe. And not only load simple article, if you have a little experience - you can enter iframe call to your php file, which can do everything you want

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