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I try to make the following:
Please take a look at:
On the right I made an external placemark list (accommodaties). This works perfect. When I press an item, the map zooms to that item and shows the info of the accomodation.
However, I like to make an external placemark list developed by my own. For example a table with all hotels and some extra info. So i like to make an article located under the map having some hotels and when I press a specific hotel it works the same as your placemark-list. Is this possible?
Regards, Jan

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You list on right - it is menu list, and it's items - it is component map call

My placemark list - it is a list of placemarks which is on map, ie you have map, and all its placemarks you can display in list on specific place
Look at:
The star button (you can set it look like a text button). And Placemark list can be customized

You can create table (placemark list), and have link to map - it is new feature, it is new menu item. You enter map or some others values, base on it I read database and show table of placemarks with link to its details
Look at:

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