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11 years 6 months ago #338 by kmfabercreative
Front End Management was created by kmfabercreative
First of all, I just want to say Dimtry - excellent work! I have not used this component in-depth, but installation and initial review just blew me away. Cheers!

I'm not sure if this is possible and I missed it in my initial review, or if it's not; but it would be amazing to have front end management of the component for site users.

Here's an example -

Registered users are able to create maps / routes / etc. and save them to their profile. These would be searchable via (smart) search and list / blog view with ordering / filtering options. Users could save maps / routes from other users as their own, download KML / KMZ file for the route. Ultimately, comments / reviews (could be handled with 3rd party component like Jreviews, jaComment, etc.) and social sharing would be a huge enhancement to this.

Basically, a social map sharing component :)

Here are the main functions from above, in a more understandable list:

1. Front end users can create maps, routes, paths
2. All maps would be searchable via (smart search) plugin, and would have a component list / blog view with ordering / filtering options (most likely settings in the menu manager for category, etc.)
3. Users could download maps (anyones, based on permissions) in KML / KMZ files.
4. Users could "save" other users maps (based on permissions) to their account and make changes to map.
5. Comments / Reviews on maps (mostly likely 3rd party comment / review plugin)
6. Social sharing (like, google+, twitter, pintrest, email, bookmarks, etc.)

That's a big order, but I think an awesome way to go in the future.



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11 years 6 months ago - 11 years 6 months ago #339 by Dima
Replied by Dima on topic Re: Front End Management

Today component (and module) have ability to enter only placemarks. And with very common fields.
There are no ability to enter extra information, with HTML-formatting and etc.
And for entering user placemarks you create map and enabling entering placemarks. In this case all registered users can enters (and edit) it's placemarks.

There is no ACL restriction.

There is no ability to enter paths, routes from Frond End.

There is no ability to export your data by KML or other files.
You can use KML, GeoRSS and the others files to show user's data.

As for sharing and commenting:
Today there is a Zh GoogleMap Plugin, and I test it in K2 item, it works. And if I understand right users posts, plugin works in SobiPro too (I'll check it by myself a little bit later). Therefore you can try to call map by plugin to share maps, comment it and etc.

You can publish Zh GoogleMap Module with map and below it you can call the other module to have comments.

For enter share buttons you can use HTML header and footer of map, to include code for butons. Or, for example, share an article, and in article you can call plugin for map

PS thanks for request, I'll think of including features from this list for future development.

Don't forget support my developments: post review in JED , donate , help with translation ;)
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