Have multiple markers on map?

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5 years 2 months ago #11863 by ssnobben
Have multiple markers on map? was created by ssnobben

great to see your OpenStreetMap and that you work on that one :) :cheer:

I wonder if its possible to have a module with several markers on it and it can also be resized and working on mobile views? And have a fullscreen option as setting.

I like the Helix Ultra free template framework www.joomshaper.com/helix with SP Pagebuilder Pro www.joomshaper.com/page-builder and I guess there would not be any problem using ZH OpenStreetMap with them ...also with EasySocial stackideas.com/easysocial

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5 years 2 months ago #11864 by Dima
Replied by Dima on topic Have multiple markers on map?
You can create any count of placemarks on map.
After that call module and pass map id.
The other way if you have different plcemarks on different maps and want to show it on one. - Yes, that you can do too, just create map, and in placemark list or category list or group list enter what you want to see on that map. In this case I collect all placemarks depends on belonging to (groups, categories) and show it.

As for resposive - it easy for width, but is a little bit hard for height.
If you set width = 0, you'll get 100% width. But for height - no, because I wrome many times, templates have nested divs, and if you want to have 100% height for some div, you ave to set 100% for all parent divs for it.
You can see on my demo - you can show it as a full screen.

As for social - you can publish maps in any article or K2 item by plugin call. But you have to configure map before, ie it is not easy create rich map on the fly when you write an article, therefore today there is no any "button" integration with other extensions.

Don't forget support my developments: post review in JED , donate , help with translation ;)

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