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11 months 4 weeks ago #13993 by lesjar
I am pleased to show my website that is in development but has a good area where things are working well

The website is airalbavirtual.com/index.php

If you navigate to say ICELAND and the airport EGS airalbavirtual.com/index.php/rg/is/is-az/is-egs

You will see a map of the location of the airport

Every airport of all 83 will eventually have the same style map .

It really was quite simple in the end to create a base template for each map and then create what i call a cut and paste template for each airport the example below is for that same airport EGS

Data for Zh OpenStreetMap for region is
Map Tab
Latitude 65.283302307129
Longitude -14.401399612427
Width 600
Height 400
Map Details Tab
Show Title as Placemark Simple
Open Popup Yes
Disable AutoPan Yes
Close Popup when click on map Yes
Map Bounds
Zoom 11
Min Zoom Min Available Zoom
Max Zoom Max Available Zoom
Draggable Yes
Map Type OpenStreetMap
OpenStreetMap Layer Yes
Header Tab
Show Header Separator Yes
Footer Html Text heading 5
Airport Map
Footer Tab
Show Footer Separator Yes
Footer Html Text heading 5
EGILSSTADIR, IATA -: EGS, ICAO -: BIEG, Latitude -: 65.2833, Longitude -: -14.4014, Elevation -: 76
Page Layout EGS
Add Module Instance next to Airport Information
Rename to Airport Map

I wrote a small PHP script driven by a list of my 83 airports in csv file that looked up the airport information from my airports table and then wrote out a text file for each airport , so all I have to do is open each text file and then paste in the values to my templated maps etc. I can thus add a map to a joomla page in under 1 minute now .

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10 months 4 weeks ago - 10 months 4 weeks ago #14060 by bergmannn
Hi Lesjar,

I'm using the same template for my site but i have problems to display the map in Joomla content. I copy your settings and Map Header and Footer are displayed but the map still not apears. Did you had problems in the beginning to dislay your Map?

Thank you for feedback.

SOLVED, It was my error, sorry...
Last edit: 10 months 4 weeks ago by bergmannn.

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